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Rottweiler vs pitbull fight video

We are going to compare Rottweiler Vs Pit Bull. PitBull is the 1st most dangerous breed. And the Rottweiler is the second most dangerous breed in the world. You can watch the video of Rottweiler and PitBull. They are also used by the Police and the military for the security purpose.

rottweiler vs pitbull fight video

This breed is very friendly with their family and is best companions. Rottweilers are always ready to do any work. They are brilliant and active. They are loyal to their family members and with their duty.

pelea pitbull vs rottweiler

Rottweiler dog is more prominent breed due to the thigh muscles and due to its colors. Rottweiler is a natural guard dog with a mellow disposition who is successful not only in the police, military, and customs work but also as a family friend and protector.

This breed is mostly used for the fighting purpose. If one cannot spend time with them, then they are not the right choice for them. Pit Bull Dogs were valued for their fighting skills. Instead of being used in blood sports, the immigrants utilized the dog as a guardian and a protector.

Pit Bulls were used to protect homesteads against intruders and dangerous animals. Rottweilers male normally are 24 to 27 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 95 to lbs. Females usually are 22 to 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 85 to lbs. Pit Bull height 18 to 19 inches for men, 17 to 18 inches for females. Weight ranges from 30 to 85 lbs.

Temperament of Rottweiler is confident calm never feel shy in any work. Rottweiler never makes friends immediately.

Rottweiler vs German Shepherd

First, he observes the attitude of the people towards him. Once he chose someone for the friendship, then he is the best companion form him.

There is also a difference in the temperament of the male and the female. Female is not very aggressive and can easily control. But on the other hand, Males are more aggressive and different to control at the time of aggression. PitBull Dog is very aggressive breed.The dogs were known in German as Rottweiler Metzgerhund, meaning Rottweil butchers' dogs, because one of their uses was to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat to market.

This continued until the midth century when railways replaced droving for herding. Rottweilers are now used as search and rescue dogs, as guide dogs for the blind, as guard dogs and police dogs. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a companion and family dog breed. Their tenacity, gameness, and courage make them popular competitors in the sports of weight pulling, agility, and obedience competition.

Pit bull is the common name for a type of dog. The American Bulldog is also sometimes included. Many of these breeds were originally developed as fighting dogs from cross breeding bull-baiting dogs used to hold the faces and heads of larger animals such as bulls and terriers. After the use of dogs in blood sports was banned, such dogs were used as catch dogs in the United States for semi-wild cattle and hogs.

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Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of "fair use". The recent amendments to the Copyright Act of pertain to music. I hate how people don't love they're dogs. Guys who fight dogs do it because they have little dicks and are too afraid to get in a ring themselves like the weak as bitches they are. Search for:. Recently Added Videos. Share it with your friends!

Related Videos:.Video displaying some of the rottweilers talents. Herding, to bite force, to it's natural power and protective instincts. I will always have a dog friend for life.

rottweiler vs pitbull fight video

Without dogs in my life, I would not be happy. And poor dog needs some help herding all those cattle ha ha. Love my dogs!! Doberman and a Rottweiler. They let me know when someone knocks at the door, for sure. They like people, as long as they behave!!

rottweiler vs pitbull fight video

My father bought a Rottweiler back in in Detroit, I was eight years old then, his name on his papers from Germany was Count Vaun Gustavin. We called him Gus. Believe it when I say he was the finest dog I ever knew.

He came to the States trained in German commands and retrained in English commands. I would have to say I was blessed to know him, that was 44 years ago. Bad part about dogs is they don't live as long as we do. They don't have the highest bite force, other than this, it's a solid vid. Their speed and strength in combination, makes them awesome, love their loyalty, look, and ability to protect you! Search for:.

rottweiler vs pitbull fight video

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Great Rottweiler Video.We are going to look closely at both breeds, comparing their size, appearance, health and personality. Both powerful and impressive dogs, but the Rottweiler and Pitbull come from very different backgrounds. The Rottweiler began in Germany and is the descendant of ancient Roman herding breeds. With much of his early work taking place in the town of Rottweil, it is no wonder this large and muscular drover became known as the Rottweiler.

But this muscular breed also has a heart of gold and was of the first breeds utilized as guide dogs for the blind. Pitbull breeds were purposefully crossed with terriers for their persistence and bulldogs for their jaw strength. In fact, the Pitbull remains one of the topmost decorated war dogs and they have even played starring roles in a number of Hollywood films! Pitbull breeds, on the other hand, can be stalkier, extremely muscular, with large heads and wide jaws, either clipped or floppy ears, and a long tail.

You can even get Pitbulls with a blue nose! Many potential dog owners have concern that Rottweilers and Pitbulls may not be good family pets and can be aggressive and unpredictable. However, studies have shown that dogs who bite most frequently are unneutered male dogs.

Other studies show breed specific-aggression is actually unfounded and all dogs may bite if provoked, anxious, or injured, regardless of their breed.

More recent studies have theorized that dog bite force and jaw strength may not have so much to do with the breed, and more to do with the size of a particular dog and their head and jaw. If this is true, then the Mastiff has the most powerful bite in the canine kingdom, not the Rottie or the Pit, as once speculated. Both breeds make wonderful pets for the right person or family so long as they are properly socialized at an early age and undergo lots of obedience training.

Prospective owners should note that both breeds may have natural guarding tendencies and are very powerful, making training and socialization just that much more important.

Due to their fighting histories, however, the American Kennel Club, AKCpoints out that the Pitbull breeds could develop dog aggression at any given time. This may mean that the Pitbull is not the best choice for families if there are other dogs living in the house. Both the Pitbull and the Rottie are intelligent but can exhibit stubborn behavior. Either way, their loyalty, and eagerness to please make them enjoyable breeds to train. Both breeds are both people-oriented and will be better suited to those with enough time to nurture, train, and exercise them consistently.

As previously mentioned, early socialization is key to ensuring both the Pit and Rottie grow up well-rounded and well behaved. In addition, because they are so strong, experts do not recommend roughhousing games like wrestling, as these can encourage aggression in these breeds.

The Rottie is especially intelligent and will need consistent training to keep them mentally stimulated. On the other hand, the Pit is a free-thinker and will most certainly exhibit some hard-headed behaviors. Experts have found that positive reinforcement training works best with these two breeds.Which dog breed is the best?

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Your email address will not be published. Get Socialize. Add to. By : Admin. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Pinterest Share. Share on LinkedIn Share. Share on Digg Share. Send email Mail. Categories Amazing Videos. Related Videos. Watch Video p. Watch Video. Watch Video HD, p. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Social connect:.Are you looking for a new dog and weighing up the pros and cons of a Rottweiler vs Pitbull?

This will help you decide which will suit you and your family best. You might not think much about the history of your dog before you get it. But it can actually be interesting to learn about where your dog comes from. The Rottweiler developed from Asian mastiff-type dogs that were used by the Roman Empire.

After the fall of the Empire, these dogs became popular in the German town of Rottweil. Once used to move cattle they also protected livestock from threats, like burglars or vicious animals.

They also became popular as service dogs, for the police, search and rescue missions, and the visually impaired. Although many breeds can be classified as a Pitbull breed, they all originated from terrier breeds and English Bulldogs. These breeds were used as fighting or baiting dogs. So when fighting bears and bulls became illegal, they were put against each other. A fully grown Rottweiler measures between 22 and 27 inches and weighs between 80 and pounds, with females being smaller.

The American Pitbull Terrier generally grows between 17 and 21 inches and weighs between 30 and 60 pounds. Females are usually smaller than males. American Staffordshire Terriers are another breed, but have pretty much the exact same appearance as the American Pitbull Terrier. The only difference is that they are slightly bigger and heavier. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is another similar-looking Pitbull breed, although it is considerably smaller than the previous two.

The Bull Terrier is the most distinctive Pitbull which is recognized by its longer muzzle and egg-shaped face.

So even among Pitbull breeds, there is a large difference in appearance. But overall Pitbulls and Rottweilers are similar, especially with their muscular, stocky builds. The temperament of a breed is one of the most important parts of choosing a new family member. Especially when they have a bad reputation. The Rottweiler is known for being loyal, affectionate, and confident. They are a people-centered breed that will love having a family who can spend lots of time with them.

A study that looked at aggression Rottweilers and Pit Bull breeds specifically but criticizes the idea entire breeds can be generalized as dangerous.

Pitbull breeds do have a bit of a reputation for aggression, in part because of their history and origins. However, a study suggested they are no more aggressive than any other breed. While further research supports this theory in a direct comparison between Pit Bull breeds and Golden Retrievers. In fact, Pitbull aggression is usually directed towards other dogs and they are one of the least aggressive breeds towards their owners. While the potential for aggression is scary, any dog can be aggressive with poor socialization and treatment.

The most important way to prevent it is socialization from a young age. This includes animals and people to avoid any potential aggression later in life. Both Rottweilers and Pitbulls are very affectionate to their own families and being gentle with familiar children.

The Rottweiler is used as a service dog, so can take really well to training. Training methods should be positive and rough discipline avoided, so aggression is never encouraged. Despite being people orientated dogs, Pitbulls tend to have short attention spans, so the best results are achieved with short burst training.

Both Rottweilers and Pitbull breeds need to be socialized from an early age. This can help avoid any potential aggression, but also makes sure your pup is happy and confident in new situations. Rottweilers will need daily exercise, and will love accompanying you on any outdoor activities. They can also be great candidates for dog sports like herding, tracking, and obedience.Many people wonder which one is stronger?

We will learn the difference between the two dog breeds. Let's get started. Who would win a real fight? In its quest to protect its owner, it may inflict damage to other people and dogs.

Both breeds should be well socialized.

rottweiler Vs pitbull Fight !!

Also exercise is essential for dogs to spend their energy every day. We shouldn't forget that these dogs are really strong dogs. They can easily break many hard to damage things if they desired. The bite force of their jaw is psi. The rottweilers are used in police operations due to their confidence and powerful build.

The bite force in an average Rottweiler is pounds per square inch. Positive methods will work best for training this breed. Rottweilers are known as one of the top 10 most intelligent breeds of dog and, for this reason, Rottweilers tend to be easier to train. Rottweilers will learn commands quicker than many other breeds of dogs. Some aspects of training, such as being a guard dog, may be easier for your Rottweiler to learn than others.

With this dense coat, regular bathing is essential to minimize shedding and to maintain healthy skin and coat.

rottweiler Vs pitbull Fight !!

American Pit Bull Terriers are generally low-maintenance dogs who are fun and easy to groom. Pit bulls are high-energy dogs and need lots of exercise, but some just aren't good candidates for the dog park. Because they're very muscular and easily excited.

Rottweilers are very high energy puppies, but low to medium energy adult dogs. As they mature, much of their energy disappears and they are much easier to handle. However, pitbulls have very low tolerance to other dogs.

They are very excited, stubborn and dominant. Most Rottweilers are good with other dogs in their own family. A breed that was bred for strength, muscle, and sheer determination, the Pit bull has the determination to work. Rottweilers are large, muscular, and active dogs who always alert to what is happening around them. Thanks for watching We will act upon your query immediately.

I made this thumbnail in Photoshop. You can not use it without permission! Watch: mercedesbenzvideo. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of "fair use". The recent amendments to the Copyright Act of pertain to music. Well I guess you never had a pitbull cuz they are way more Strong and they are buff they can even bite a dog in three bites bro you have to get a pitbull.

He is a liyer pitbull are the strongest dog I now cuz I have one and I have a rottweiler pitbull are very friendly and strong. Tanya Black yea Rottweilers are the one strongest in the world one of the amongst foremost commonly fighting dogs fully badass rock solid and they will more likely have all legs on ground so I think a fully massive rock solidly built hard work Rottweiler would rag the pit bull to spreads and Rottweilers are massive tanks and would ram the pit bull to the ground all the ferociousness extreme power bulkier body strength massive strong bite force and they have the large extreme strong jaws.

I saw a fight of pitbull or rottweiler they both are fully trained.