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Canonical designs, builds, operates and supports OpenStack private clouds on Ubuntu. We understand the importance of certainty, stability, performance and economic efficiency for private cloud infrastructure.

Move to OpenStack today. Canonical operates many private OpenStack clouds on behalf of customers, enabling them to get the benefits of OpenStack while focusing their team on business workloads rather than infrastructure. Once you have proven the economics of private cloud, you can invest in the skills and time to operate it yourself. All Openstack and operational components deployed are open source.

Learn about Managed OpenStack. Two-week delivery of a highly available OpenStack on your certified hardware and in your data center. Co-designed workshops to determine the optimal architecture for your workloads and integration requirements. Our engineers then deploy it for you. The best way to start with OpenStack. Recognised by cloud economists as the best value private cloud. Fully open source and automated infrastructure as a service delivers dramatic cost and agility improvements for private data centers.

Move from VMware to OpenStack. Your multi-cloud strategy depends on having competing public clouds and a cost-effective private cloud. Ubuntu is an essential ingredient of any successful multi-cloud strategy. Our deep relationships with all major public cloud vendors ensure that Ubuntu is the most optimised OS on all public clouds. Ubuntu is also the number one operating system used for OpenStack deployments. That makes it a perfect platform for multi-cloud operations. Analysts found that Canonical delivers the most efficient infrastructure as a service on-premise.

This, together with neutral public cloud expertise, makes us the right partner for the move to cloud computing. Every business is different, and every sector faces unique constraints. That creates real reasons to have your own OpenStack architecture.

Let our 1000+ Experts Manage Your OpenStack Private Cloud

At the same time, reinventing all of the operations for a large open source codebase makes no sense. Canonical encodes operations in a way that is shared across all our customers, while retaining the ability to craft the most efficient architecture for a particular deployment. This is why Canonical can consistently and repeatedly outperform the competition on delivery and flexibility for OpenStack, and why Canonical leads on day-2 operations such as upgrades and scaling for the private cloud.

Learn about Canonical OpenStack features. Featuring a containerised control plane, optional hyper-converged architecture, model-driven operations and upgrades to future OpenStack releases guaranteed, the OpenStack cloud from Canonical is the fast track to private cloud success.

Optional consulting is available to tailor the architecture to your specific requirements. Contact us for custom OpenStack engineering. The support has been fabulous. The whole team stepped up and helped us work through issues. Canonical delivers OpenStack on rails, with consulting, training, enterprise support and managed operations to help you focus on what matters most — your applications, not the infrastructure.

Features of Canonical OpenStack on Ubuntu. Start your private cloud journey with a low-risk managed OpenStack by Canonical.

We help you design, deliver and operate your cloud, enabling you to focus on your apps while proving the business case for OpenStack. We offer workshops, application requirements assessment, hardware recommendations and our 2-week on-rails Private Cloud Build, a fixed-price OpenStack deployment service. Deploy OpenStack on a single laptop or across many racks using Ubuntu, the most widely used cloud OS.Choosing the right OpenStack distribution is essential to the success of an OpenStack project at every organisation.

When selecting one, organisations should always follow certain criteria. Is it possible to operate the considered OpenStack distributions economically?

How easy is it to deploy them?

openstack private cloud ␺

Can the organisation upgrade its production OpenStack cloud without affecting the workloads? Everyone planning to deploy OpenStack should ask themselves these questions. And there is always more criteria to consider. In order to facilitate the OpenStack vendor selection process for the organisations, we have recently published an OpenStack distributions comparison website.

Now, in the following blog, I am going to describe some tips which organisations should follow to make sure that they choose the right OpenStack distribution. One of the primary goals behind cloud environments is better economics compared to using proprietary hardware. Thus, it is important to make sure that the selected OpenStack distribution can bring the costs down. Avoid OpenStack platforms which are hard to deploy, maintain and upgrade.

Struggling with basic operations will significantly increase costs. Also, plan the expenses carefully, including conditions like yearly growth rate. Make sure that the pricing model is clear and predictable. While OpenStack itself is open source, the installers provided by the vendors as part of their distributions, may not be.

As a result, additional costs may apply due to the licenses. This leads to situations where organisation have to pay for the OpenStack distribution before even trying it out. Moreover, all types of environments in use, including staging and development environments, have to be covered by the license too.

Although the release cadence of OpenStack is fully predictable and well documented, not all distributions follow the upstream. Having support for the latest stable upstream release as soon as possible is important for various reasons. For example, there may be some features in the upstream release that are important for the organisation.

Or there may be bug fixes which are critical from their point of view. Choosing an OpenStack distribution with a predictable release cadence enables proper planning and helps stay in sync with the upstream. Support services are essential for production environments, especially those where SLAs service level agreements apply. But no single vendor will support some of the old versions of OpenStack forever. Although there is always an option to upgrade or re-deploy, under certain circumstances, it may be beneficial for organisations to stay with the current version.

For how long the vendor will provide support services, becomes a decisive factor. Therefore, always make sure that the OpenStack distribution you select provides support coverage for as long as you need it.

Some organisations want to stay supported with some old OpenStack versions for as long as possible, while the others want to upgrade on a regular basis. Whether they actually can upgrade becomes critical for them. OpenStack upgrades are known to be complex and many commercial distributions do not support them. And even if they do, the entire process is very complex and has to be executed manually.

Thus, choosing an OpenStack distribution that provides support for fully automated upgrades is essential for the success of the cloud team. An OpenStack deployment is usually just the beginning of the journey. Later, organisations have to maintain the cloud on a daily basis.

This includes operations like scaling the cluster out or recovering it from failure.Deliver features faster by providing your users with on-demand, self-service access to infrastructure. Customize the dedicated compute, storage and networking components to best suit your needs. Choose a private cloud when security, control and performance are your top priority.

You need to evolve and innovate to be successful. But the cloud is as complex as it is powerful. Co-founded with NASA; the most operating experience in the world by times.

Our specialists proactively monitor and maintain the health of your private cloud and are available 24x7x We are one of the largest hosting partners of VMware and Microsoft, and we're a co-founder of OpenStack.

I always felt like I got tremendous support both from my account team and from the technical support folks at Rackspace that I talk to, and any issues that we had were fixed very quickly. Cloud Agility in Single-Tenant Environments. Toggle navigation. Private Cloud. Get the enhanced security of dedicated, physically isolated network, compute and storage layers. Gain performance advantages over public cloud, with dedicated resources for your business.

Use Cases Choose a private cloud when security, control and performance are your top priority.

Building Large Scale Private Clouds with OpenStack and Ceph

Data sovereignty Applications that require high performance Data center consolidation and extension. Expertise and Support for the Leading Private Clouds You need to evolve and innovate to be successful. Why Rackspace for Private Cloud.

Always-On Service and Support Our specialists proactively monitor and maintain the health of your private cloud and are available 24x7x View Customer Story.

Start the Conversation. Change your region:.OpenStack is reliable, scalable, and secure solution, that deliver control over your private cloud infrastructure.

Private Cloud Powered by. OpenStack is an open source cloud computing orchestrator that controls the computing, storage, and networking of your infrastructure.

It can be managed through a web-based dashboard or using the Openstack APIs. Due to its open source model, OpenStack provides you all its modular components, without restrain.


The OpenStack Project is the result of an amalgam of open source project oriented towards cloud hosting solutions. Each of these services has been designed to meet specific needs, so that you can design a customized platform to meet your business needs.

Nova serves the purpose of organizing server resources, allowing you to provision and manage Virtual Machines in your private cloud environment, to get better performance, flexibility, and elasticity to match your business needs.

Neutron is an OpenStack project that provides networking as a service to your private cloud environment, allowing you to connect to any supported third party networking provider. Neutron includes multiple networking technologies, such as switches, routers, software-defined networking, subnets, and private network. Cinder is an OpenStack project that empowers you to manage any compatible storage solutions.

It virtualizes storage, allowing the end user to manage volumes and deployment seamlessly with various OpenStack projects.

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Private Cloud at. We understand technologies and we make it accessible for any business. GloboTech's focuses on creating and strengthening long-term relationships with all its clients. Our servers are backed by one of the best SLAs in the hosting industry, with clear and straightforward guarantees. Our servers are designed exclusively with enterprise-grade hardware, resulting in lower unrecoverable data errors, better speed, and stability. Infrastructure Migration.

Migrating a website or a server from one host to another can be challenging, let GloboTech staff assist you by creating a migration plan and performing the migration for you. Learn more about OpenStack. Discover how corporations from the fortune benefits from the usage of OpenStack.

Companies such as PayPal, BMW, Volkswagen now support their business operations with OpenStack, proving the viability of the solution in a production environment. It provides a reliable, scalable, and secure private cloud environment for businesses around the world.

openstack private cloud ␺

Commitments OpenStack combines all the main advantages of server virtualization, such as; increased flexibility, resource optimization, cost reduction and improved security. The core advantages of OpenStack in the virtualization industry are its open source approach and its active community.

While OpenStack was designed to be versatile, it contains several projects that must communicate together to function effectively. GloboTech eliminates IT burden and reduces time to market by managing your private cloud infrastructure for you. You can browse through all OpenStack project here. Due to the Open Source nature of the OpenStack project, there is no cost associated with the acquisition of the solution itself. The cost of running an OpenStack private cloud vary depending on the usage, the risk management redundancythe hardware requirements and the level of management required.We know migrating to a private cloud is a big commitment.

Tell us all about your infrastructural needs, what projects you plan on running on your private cloud, and our cloud experts will discuss best practices with you, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our expertise in OpenStack and cloud technology has got your back all the way so you can focus on your core competencies and drive innovation.

You can use very specific hardware in terms of specs as long as it makes sense for you. We can leverage your existing hardware and build your servers hyper-converged if it serves your computing and storage needs and budget.

We offer full architecture of the cloud-based on all your business requirements, through the availability of Intel x86 and Arm bit architecture, in addition to the option of NVIDIA accelerators for our enterprise-grade GPUs. Host your private cloud within our highly secured data center, enabling a cost-effective deployment. Or, have it on-premise, providing you with more flexibility and suitability for any business that faces regulatory control.

Our unique industry offering allows you to create a custom-fit infrastructure to suit your business needs. With our highly available containerized control plane powered by Kubernetes, you can focus on what you do best. All of our operational tools and processes are built to support high availability. Navigation is seamless through our fuss-free console, which provides an extensive list of OpenStack services readily available in one place.

Request a Demo. From basic compute, network, storage, and sharing services to hardware lifecycles, containers, orchestration, and big data, OpenStack has a lot to offer to tailor to your particular use case.

Check out some of the available OpenStack services here. Ceph for storage is the preferred solution in both our public and private cloud because of its efficiency, agility, and flexible scalability.

Our mission is to provide you with the benefits of a high-performance, community-driven, license-free solution without the hassle of managing it yourself. Reports are created every 5 minutes to ensure maximum security. Our private cloud offering comes with three different deployment models. Each model offers a varying degree of service, allowing you to choose the most suitable one. Below we have a table highlighting the services included in each of the three models.

Start your cloud journey with us and regain control of your cloud infrastructure management. Let us do all the heavy lifting on your behalf and provide you with a fully-managed solution.

Let us help you in your cloud management process through best practices and additional assistance. When making your cloud computing decision, it is essential that you figure out where your priorities lie.

Hosted private clouds utilize offshore data centres; therefore, you will get cloud servers from our data centres. As a result, you will be able to focus on more pressing business matters rather than on managing the infrastructure. Private clouds, on the other hand, provide you with more control over all of the processes as you will be in charge of hosting the cloud environment. However, it comes with more responsibility. With proprietary solutions, the code is not available to the public; therefore, while there is a greater sense of security, there is also a lack of growth, flexibility, and customization opportunities.

Open source solutions, on the other hand, are collaborative projects since the code is public. This way, there are constant updates and upgrades, ensuring that the software meets current demands.

We offer private cloud services on the open-source cloud platform OpenStack, which we have ample experience in; therefore, we can provide you with a dependable, fully managed solution. Your applications and information, among many other things, are stored in software and hardware specific to your firm, ensuring a secure environment. Our cloud infrastructure is also customizable; that way, you can establish the level of security. While you have your own designated servers, should your traffic exceed the typical amount, we can add nodes from the cloud pool to accommodate those demands.

This is also made possible through our dedicated load balancers. Therefore, you can make sure that you always offer consistent service to your customers.OpenStack consists of projects that control pools of storage, computing and networking resources throughout a data center.

The following comparison weighs pros and cons for popular ways to consume OpenStack. DIY is inexpensive, however, it requires considerable in-house expertise to be a viable option which arguably can be an even greater expense, given the scarcity of OpenStack engineers. OpenStack distributions provide increased stability and vendor support when compared against DIY, albeit at a potentially higher cost assuming a subscription to vendor support is purchased.

Managed OpenStack expands on the Distro approach by further reducing risk, leveraging experts from a 3rd-party to operate your private cloud on your behalf, in your data center.

openstack private cloud ␺

The increased support costs of this model are somewhat offset by reduced resource requirements for your organization. The below table illustrates the high-level differences between consumption models. Choosing a consumption model for your OpenStack cloud is literally a career-defining decision. Mirantis is here to help you make the right choice for your organization, and help you deliver on your private cloud aspirations.

Download this brochure detailing Mirantis OpenStack 9. Read this brief and learn how to transform your business with an open-source private cloud solution. OpenStack Cloud. What is OpenStack? OpenStack is an open source cloud computing software platform. Which OpenStack cloud do you need?

Distro OpenStack distributions provide increased stability and vendor support when compared against DIY, albeit at a potentially higher cost assuming a subscription to vendor support is purchased. Managed Cloud Managed OpenStack expands on the Distro approach by further reducing risk, leveraging experts from a 3rd-party to operate your private cloud on your behalf, in your data center.

Comparing OpenStack Consumption Models The below table illustrates the high-level differences between consumption models. Additional Resources Choosing a consumption model for your OpenStack cloud is literally a career-defining decision.

Below are some additional free resources to help you evaluate your options. Mirantis OpenStack 9. Intel and Mirantis Solution Brief Read this brief and learn how to transform your business with an open-source private cloud solution. What's New in Kubernetes 1.The second largest car manufacturer in the world, Volkswagen Group, will use the open-source cloud computing platform OpenStack to build a private cloud that will host websites for its brands VW, Audi and Porsche, and be a platform for innovating automotive technology, the company announced today.

VW decided to first build a private cloud based on OpenStack that will eventually span thousands of physical nodes across multiple data centers in the U. Renski said VW is in the midst of choosing a platform as a service PaaS layer to act as an application development and hosting environment that would run on top of the OpenStack IaaS.

In the final stages of the vendor vetting process, VW officials conducted an evaluation assessment across 64 use cases before choosing Mirantis, which bases its software entirely off of code from the open source project. Though the project was not done with cost savings being a primary consideration. Renski said VW will use the platform to help produce cutting-edge technology, like self-driving car applications. Senior Editor Brandon Butler covers the cloud computing industry for Network World by focusing on the advancements of major players in the industry, tracking end user deployments and keeping tabs on the hottest new startups.

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